Everything You Need To Know About Fort Collins Vinyl Flooring

Fort Collins Vinyl Flooring InstallationEven though vinyl records are only popular anymore with highly specialized collectors, vinyl floors are more popular than ever. More and more homeowners are choosing vinyl flooring over other materials because of the many benefits it has. Here we'll take a look at everything you need to know about vinyl flooring in Fort Collins.

The Basics Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl was used in the beginning for a variety of household and industrial items. It is now one of the most popular materials used for flooring in residential homes.

Some of the reasons for its popularity include the fact that vinyl has a very attractive design, it's super easy to maintain, it resists moisture, and it's highly resilient.

Vinyl is the type of flooring most often chosen both in commercial buildings and in residential homes because it's a basic and relatively inexpensive choice while being durable and attractive.

How Exactly Is Vinyl Flooring Made?

The manufacturing of vinyl flooring is done by putting together three different components: a vinyl foam, felt paper, and a protective layer.

The manufacturing process starts by using PVC and adding white pigments as well as calcium carbonate. Plasticizers are used to make the flooring flexible and to prevent mold, after which a fungicide is added. The floor even has UV light stabilizers put into the material to help it keep its shine for a longer period of time.

A blowing agent is used and later activated to help the vinyl foam inflate. A felt backing is then added to the flooring.

The print is pressed into the floor to give it its decorative pattern. A protective layer is then put over that and it is again placed in the oven.

After completing all those steps, the vinyl flooring is put through a chemical embossing process. Finally, the flooring is sent to the production line where everything is finalized.

What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring?

Fort Collins Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Vinyl Planks — These are specifically made to look like hardwood floors when installed they are sometimes mistaken for real hardwood or for laminate flooring. This type of vinyl flooring is sometimes called LVP (luxurious vinyl planking). These planks are good for commercial and residential applications and are 100% waterproof.
  • Vinyl Tiles — This type of flooring is extremely easy to put down. Vinyl tiles are squares with a choice of imprinted designs on each tile. They can be laid in very unique patterns and that makes this choice very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. For bathroom floors, vinyl tiles are often laid like a checkerboard which gives the bathroom floor a lot of depth. In the kitchen, they are commonly laid diagonally to give contrast.
  • SPC Planks — These vinyl planks are made with stone plastic composite injected into their core. One of its big advantages is how affordable it is. It can be used in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Rigid Core Planks — This style of laminate flooring gets its name due to the rigid core that is placed inside the construction of SPC or WPC planks. All rigit core planks have a waterproof core.
  • WPC Planks — This style uses a combination of vinyl, plastic, making it very durable. It uses a click-lock style for installation which makes it extremely easy to install. This is a great choice for do-it-yourselfers who want to put down the floor themselves. This choice is considered waterproof.
  • What Type Of Finishes Do These Vinyl Floors Come In?

    There are three main finishes that you can use when it comes to vinyl flooring.

    • The urethane finish is considered to be very durable. It stands up very well to foot traffic and resists scratching and scuffing. It is also very easy to clean.
    • The enhanced urethane finish is considered to be the toughest of the three. It can be used in residential and commercial settings because of its ability to endure the greatest amount of foot traffic. This finish is extremely resistant to stains, scratches, and scuffs. Enhanced urethane finish will maintain its luster without being regularly cared for.
    • Finally, for those who are going to be using a vinyl floor in an area with only light foot traffic, you may go with the no wax finish. This looks nice but should be used in areas that don't have too much moisture or dirt exposure. It should be used in areas that will get a minimum amount of foot traffic.
    • What Is The Cost Of Fort Collins Vinyl Flooring?

      Save Money on Fort Collins Vinyl FlooringOne of the big reasons that vinyl flooring is currently among the most popular types of flooring to install both in residential and commercial settings is its affordability. Depending on the type of vinyl flooring that you go with, you will pay between $2 per square foot and about $15 per square foot. Even at the higher end, it is still an extremely affordable choice when compared to other types of flooring such as hardwood, ceramic, or stone.

      Additional savings should be considered as well. This type of flooring is among the easiest types that can be put down. For this reason, a lot of people who are comfortable with do-it-yourself projects can save the money of having a professional installation.

      Furthermore, some of the choices for vinyl floorings are considered to be extremely durable even under the most difficult circumstances. This means that the cleaning and maintenance of those floors are easier and requires less work. These facts save money, time, and energy.

      Are Vinyl Floors Durable?

      Vinyl is certainly one of the most durable types of floors that can be installed. They typically can last up to 20 years with only minimal care.

      Hardwood floors, by contrast, can last a very long time but they still need to be properly cared for. Installing them is extremely difficult and often homeowners and commercial business owners need to pay professional people to maintain those floors.

      Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, can be maintained by almost anyone and many people feel that it's so easy to put down that they can install it themselves as well.

      Which Rooms Can This Type Of Floor Be Used In?

      Vinyl flooring is considered to be waterproof and therefore can be used in any room. This means full bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, as well as any other. They're very attractive and easy to keep clean and that means they make a great choice regardless of the room or rooms you want to use them in.

      Do These Floors Need To Be Protected From Sunlight?

      Vinyl flooring is by far one of the most durable types of flooring that you can put down. Even so, like most other floors it can experience fading over time if exposed to high levels of sunlight. This means during the highest point of sunlight during the day that curtains should be drawn to protect the floors from fading over time. This is not something that will happen quickly but even vinyl flooring can experience fading from the Sun.

      It should be apparent at this point that vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choices for homes and commercial settings because of its minimal cost, the fact that it's super easy to install, it is easy to maintain and is highly durable. There just isn't anything currently available that is more practical in regard to cost and care than this choice of flooring.

      These floors will significantly improve the look of the home or office where they are installed. They come with a wide range of design options that will help them fit in any setting.

      Fort Collins Vinyl Flooring Final Thoughts

      If you would like to replace a floor or to install a new floor in new construction, then don't put this choice off. Going with another type of flooring could cost considerably more and require more maintenance throughout the years.

      Vinyl flooring is extremely cost-effective, attractive, and easy to care for. It will last up to 20 years and it will continue looking great during that time.

      If you live in the Fort Collins area and you are considering vinyl flooring, please contact Fort Collins Flooring Expert for more information. As the name suggests we are the area's foremost expert of this type of flooring and we are available to answer your questions, help you decide on what options that are best suited for you, and assist you in understanding the costs you are likely to incur for your particular situation.

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