Fort Collins Hardwood Flooring

Fort Collins hardwood flooring When it comes to floors, there is hardly any material that comes close to the style and finish of hardwood. Fort Collins hardwood flooring brings out that premium look that homeowners in Northern Colorado really want. The best part about hardwood flooring is you have a plethora of options to choose from. Depending on what your budget is and the type of finish you prefer, you can select from a bunch of different hardwood floors, all of which look incredible after installation.

Everything You Need to Know About Fort Collins Hardwood Flooring

We strive to provide the best-quality hardwood floors to our customers, regardless of the size and scope of the project. We work with a variety of hardwood floors that cater not only to your budget but also to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Engineered Vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring

If you are planning to install hardwood flooring in your house, there are two main hardwood flooring categories that you need to keep in mind while finalizing your purchase: solid and manufactured.

Solid hardwood flooring

This is what you usually think of when you imagine hardwood floors. It contains single pieces of your preferred wood. Usually, a single plank covers the entire floor. The natural beauty that solid hardwood floors offer is unmatched. It adds to the authentic charm of your house, making it aesthetically pleasing to look at. Moreover, solid hardwood flooring lasts for years. Our installation process is immaculate, and if you maintain the hardwood properly, it can last for a lifetime. However, solid hardwoods are vulnerable to moisture. It is wise not to install them in rooms that are more likely to have a high amount of humidity.

Engineered hardwood flooring

These floors are made by putting together several layers of wood and finally adding a hardwood on top and the bottom as the core layer to make it durable. This multi-ply concept is aimed at making the floor less vulnerable to moisture. Unlike solid hardwood floors, you can install these in rooms that have a high amount of humidity. The wood will usually expand or contract depending on the changing humidity levels, but it doesn’t deteriorate the quality of the wood. One of the reasons why people prefer engineered hardwood flooring is its versatility. We can install it both on the upper-story floor and the basement. Most importantly, it is less expensive than solid hardwood floors.

Fort Collins Hardwood Flooring Materials

When it comes to choosing the type of material for hardwood floors, you have a great number of choices. Some of the top-quality wood materials that you can choose from are:

1) Hardwood Oak

Oak is the most popular wood for hardwood floors. A significant number of Fort Collins hardwood flooring customers that we have served opted for oak. Its aesthetic versatility, strength, and stability make it the best seller. Depending on the type of oak you choose (red or white), you may get a pinkish or yellowish tone on the floor. If you want more grain on the finish, then red oak will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you prefer white oak, the grain will be lesser. At Fort Collins Flooring, we provide pre-finished and stained oak floors. From chick gray, chocolate, or golden tan, you can choose from a range of stains that our technicians carry. Oak hardwood flooring The durability and hardness of oak floors is widely popular. Red oak has a Janka rating of 1290, while white oak has a rating of 1360. But, since the ratings are close, it hardly matters which variant you choose. We assure you that both will be durable and able to withstand heavy traffic no matter how many members your family has. Oak floors are rot-resistant. So, maintenance will be easier.

Oak Flooring Pros:

  • Good investment – spending on oak floors will be worth every penny. They are the most popular among hardwood floors for a reason. Their visual appeal is unmatched. If you are looking for a stylish material for your floor, you shouldn’t even think twice before choosing oak.
  • Versatile and durable – oak floor is like a timeless classic. Once you install it, you will adore it every day. It is versatile, it is durable, and it looks incredible – just the combination you need.
  • Color availability – both white and red oak provides a beautiful tinge and shine after finishing. Most importantly, the stains offer a range of colors that make the floor look unique.

Oak Flooring Cons:

  • Noisy – oak floors don’t offer soundproofing qualities. So, if you are installing it on the first floor, you will be able to hear your family members waking about if you sit downstairs.

2) Maple Hardwood Flooring

Undoubtedly, the second most popular wood for a hardwood floor is maple. We get numerous Fort Collins hardwood flooring customers who only want maple and nothing else. The subtle grain pattern of this wood is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Moreover, these are less porous than other wood. This offers the much-needed strength that hardwood floors should have. However, you don’t get specific stains like oak. If you are looking for durability, then maple will definitely fit your list. You can imagine why bowling floors use maple because it can withstand the pounding balls and so much of foot traffic. Maple hardwood flooring

Maple Floor Pros:

  • Affordable – compared to oak, this variant will go easier on your pocket. Maple is widely available, and that is a significant reason why the cost is on the lower side. Even the high-quality maples that we use come at a budget-friendly price that suits the average homeowner.
  • Nice color – maple has a natural, warm hue that makes it look incredible after installation and polishing. The color is suitable for any room. No matter what the color of the walls or other furniture is, it will offer the perfect contrast to make the room look better.
  • Easy maintenance – maintenance is easy on maple floors. Meer sweeping and vacuuming regularly will keep it nice and shiny for years. But, make sure you call us to buff the floor at least once in two years to maintain its luster.

Maple Floor Cons:

  • Scratches – the only issue with maple floors is the scratches become visible after a few days. Since the grain is the smoothest, you can literally see the scratches if they are big enough. But, you can remove them using a rubber compound wax.

3) Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Our third hardwood flooring type, hickory has fast become a popular variant, thanks to its distinct character. It is giving tough competition to both maple and oak, and we often get queries about hickory as a hardwood flooring option. There are many varieties of hickory available, but we use the Pecan version, which is the most durable of them all. It is shock resistant, strong, and dense, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for durability, and handling tools on it like hammer or axe, and playing drums. The look, color, and finish of hickory floors are excellent. You will keep looking at the floor once we finish installing it. Hickory hardwood flooring

Hickory Floor Pros:

  • Hardness and durability – probably the two reasons why hickory is quickly becoming a popular Fort Collins hardwood flooring choice is its durability and hardness. They are less vulnerable to scratches and dents, making it the best option for families with children and pets around.
  • Stain retention – hickory is one of the rare types of wood that can retain its stain for years. This means the color you choose will stand for decades without the need to polish the surface.

Hickory Floor Cons:

  • Warping – hickory is prone to warping, but only if the installation is rushed. At Fort Collins Flooring, we make sure that the wood acclimatizes to the surroundings before we start the installation process.

4) Ash Hardwood Flooring

Our fourth type, Ash, is made from white ash hardwood planks. That is why their color is slightly brighter and looks like unstained wood. If you are searching for a stylish hardwood floor, but don’t want to spend a fortune, your ideal choice should be ash. It is not only stylish but highly durable. Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash Floor Pros:

  • Attractive wood grain – the wild, vibrant wood grain is the number one reason why ash hardwood floors are so popular. This adds an exquisite charm to the floor, making it highly aesthetically pleasing. The rich experience of an ash hardwood floor is second to none.
  • Excellent color – ash hardwood floors have a graceful natural color that looks like a combination of pink and milky white. Topping it off with the active wood grains, this wood is awesome if you are searching for something stylish, but within a tight budget.

Ash Floor Cons:

  • Maintenance – ash hardwood floors require high maintenance. Since it has a light color, the possibility exists that it will get dirty quickly. As a result, you will have to constantly keep wiping the dirt away if you want it to maintain its original, polished look.
We are the leading Fort Collins hardwood flooring professionals and we provide a wide range of wood options. Our flooring technicians will measure the dimensions of your rooms and will install the floor correctly so that they last for years. With all the options available, we are highly confident that you can find a material suitable for your next Fort Collins hardwood flooring project. If hardwood is not your thing, you may wish to consider our laminate flooring options for your next project. Whether you want budget floors, stylish floors, or durable floors, Fort Collins Flooring has all the options according to your specifications and requirements. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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